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Upcoming Derby Info
* Revised schedule 10AM start for BN schooling addback to follow (or interspersed) 11:30 start for N schooling add back to follow, 12:45 T start, addback to follow 1:30 P start, addback to follow
* These are approx times, please listen to announcer, No order of go posted, check in with steward as ready
* You may bring money, show coggins & sign all with horse in tow up to secretary at entrance to galloping track... Winking smile
* Not much time for course walking between divisions, just FYI, course set by noon today except for decorations, you may park in parking lot, or in front of my house, no hay field driving please!
* Entries accepted up to beginning of class, but emailing me at zapapasj@bellsouth.net of your intentions are helpful so I can update start times tonight if necessary TY!!

Upcoming Derby Info
* If you enter the derby before Sunday the 15th the prices are 40$ for a schooling round and 70$ for the add back classes. After Sunday night the prices are 50$/schooling round and 80$/add back.
* We will start promptly at 10AM with the Beginner novice schooling rounds and then the BN add back class
* In the past we have started the Novice schooling around 11AM then the add back, Training schooling at 12:30-ish and then the add back, the Prelim schooling around 1:30-ish and then the grand finale. The prelim add back immediately following. We MAY start later than those times, but we will try not to start BEFORE those times!!
* Cheering, hooting & hollering is encouraged!!!!
* It is a course of approx 15-20 jumps mixed stadium & XC and the winner is the fastest time! Each rail, or stop incurs 6 seconds added to your time.
* Very informal. Only requirements are: Paying fees, sign release, show current coggins, hard hat and medical arm band. Have FUN!
* Courses should be set by Tuesday afternoon if anyone wants to walk the courses
* No food vendors on grounds, unless someone wants to provide that service.
* Additional rounds added the day of, are easy, and an additional 30$/round
* There will be a parking man in the parking area, so please try & park close together so y’all can fit in without having to use my hay fields
* Course maps will be at entrance to galloping track
* You may just show coggins, check & sign with your horse in tow on Wednesday at the secretary table at entrance of galloping track. It is helpful to let me know details ahead of time so I can update the time schedule on Tuesday evening. TY

The March 2015 Schooling Derby Entry Form is now available!
Beginner Novice thru Preliminary
The show date is Wednesday, March 18, 2015
The closing date is March 15, 2015 so enter now!

The Results from the February horse trials.

* PLEASE read ALL these bullets before you click on times...if you send me an inquiry that could be answered by these bullets, I may not reply (winking smile).
* These times are tentative & could possibly change slightly, so please check the program for the correct times when you arrive at JBF.
* The XC courses are set now, except for the flags in the pastures which will go up Friday morning. Courses can be walked anytime. Stadium is also set now.
* The secretary will be down at the wooden show barn Friday at approx 4 pm, and you must have all money, coggins & signatures before you can pick up your packet.
* Please stay on the driveway & follow the driveway parkers when you arrive. We can park as many in the parking lot before using my hay field.
* If you are parked in my hay field, could you please not empty all of your shavings in a pile. Manure can be thrown and pick up any trash or fill any holes your pony might make. TY TY
* If you need to make any switches or changes, please email me zapapasj@bellsouth.net and I am SO bribeable!!!! a little Corona Light, chocolate or home baked goodies go a LONG way (winking smile).
* Please state your Name : Horse : Division : when asking for any changes. Clarity makes for happy secretaries.
* There are concessions on grounds all day Saturday.
* Scoring is up at the hay barn, right next to concessions.
* Stabling chart is on the driveway about half way up on your left.
* As of today, Wed Feb 18 I don’t have a waiting list, but if I get any more entries I will gladly try & fill in any scratches I get.
* Friday night is supposed to be very cold so you must unhook ALL water hoses before leaving, or you will not have water Saturday morning.
* No braiding or jackets required!!!!

* We have no more stalls left, all stabling will now go to Full Gallop Farm. Same price. I can arrange for you or you can contact Full Gallop directly here
* Please email any changes with ALL info: rider, horse & division
* XC closes Sunday Feb 8th at dusk
* I am not full yet and will accept entries until I reach 150 entries
* I am in need of a few more jump judges & stewards. You can receive a free xc school if you know of any volunteers
* Concessions will be on grounds all day at the show
For entry list click here

February 21 Schooling Horse Trials Entry Form Click here.

Upcoming Events:
February 21: Jumping Branch Farm Schooling Horse Trials
March 18: Jumping Branch Farm Jumping Derby

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November horse trials results! Click here
Event photographs of the event are now posted at SHMP.zenfolio.com


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