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About Julie

Julie draws from a wealth of classic education in all eventing disciplines.

She started off with Purdue University’s equestrian team and hunting with Romwell Fox Hounds in Indiana. After graduation, Salley Swift’s lessons in “Centered Riding” vastly increased Julie’s skills and abilities as a rider and instructor. She has since trained with many International riders including, Bruce Davidson, Sue Blinks, Ian Roberts and Sarah Cousins.


Recent News

  Updated 11/17 – Results Open Prelim Leslie Patton/True North-29.3 Cathy Anne Coward/Harry-35.5 Kylie Cahoon/Poseidon-51.0 Catie Costa/Sea Pirate-53.1   Open Training Heather Bush/Charlie-25.2 Annie Higley/Legada-26.2 Rachael Margolis/Entrappement-30.2 Heather Bush/Frankie-34.0 Margaret Stiles/Pico de Caballo-36.1 Sarah Lute/Jackie O-36.8 Simon Eades/FGF Robin Hood-38.7   Training Rider Meghan Lapkoff/Driving Ms. Sadie-35.7 Ruth Ahearne/Appomattox-36.9 Amy Kaplan/Chance Encounter-38.6 Emmi Ezekiel/North-40.5 Hannah […]